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Design Tips for a Catchy and Effective Flyer

Design Tips for a Catchy and Effective Flyer

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Flyers are one of the cheapest ways to advertise. They can also be one of the most troublesome. While TV ads and streamers can capture people’s attention just by having people see them, flyers need to be handed out so that consumers could look at them. Oftentimes, people would just pass by or ignore whatever’s written on those flyers. The trick is to capture their attention. Here are a few design tips to do so and get your message across.

Use The Right Colors. Colors play a huge role in the design of your flyer. Pick a theme like a set of three colors. Make use of the color wheel to check your compatible colors. Make it bright, cool, or play with contrast. However, make sure that there isn’t too much going on. If your flyer is too loud, it could be distracting or turn off people.

Experiment with Shapes. Your flyer doesn’t have to be a collection of boxes, grids, and pictures. Make sure your flyer isn’t dull or boring. Make it exciting by utilizing different curves, shapes, and layout styles.

Balance your Elements. Heading, image, text, background. Making sure these elements are in harmony with each other will make your flyer neat and make sure the message is easily absorbed. By finding the right technique in arranging your elements, you can actually manipulate it so that the messages you want to emphasize the most will be noticed first.

Make It Fit. A flyer’s size can be limiting. When you want your main point to be seen, your products viewed in detail, and all the rest of the information needs to be cramped in so that your consumers would read about it, it can be hard to include all of it into the flyer. You can divide your flyers into different grids to segment all of the elements you need to put. You don’t have to worry about making it look dull – trying out unconventional grid styles and diagonal effects can still retain the interest.

Make Sure Everything’s In There. People are looking at your flyer and it seems like you’ve reached the goal. But it’s not the end yet. The objective is to persuade them to look at your brand – to buy your products, request your services, or make an inquiry. Make sure all the relevant information hasn’t been left out – your company name, logo, address, and contact details are things you’d want a customer to know if you want them to be coming through your doors.

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