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Modern Bookmark Ideas for Students

Top 3 Modern Bookmark Ideas for Students

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new product to offer or a student who wants to spruce up the reading experience, it’s certainly refreshing to see something different once in a while.

Bookmarks, at a glance, are simple strips or pieces of paper used to mark the page where you’ve paused your reading. We normally don’t take a second look at them. But in recent years, it seems that almost every product out there is making an effort to stand out from its kind. More and more innovations in style and design keep on arising, and novel themes are one of the most effective ways to distinguish one brand from another.

Quote-themed bookmarks have always been a traditional style. Plain, rectangular bookmarks are printed with a popular quote. But as social media personalities and even regular millennials express their colorful personalities online, witty remarks have made an impact on students. Try an unconventional phrase from a popular character or a cute remark like “Keep talking, I’m not listening.” Font style plays a big role in simple designs like these.

Stick-out bookmarks are exactly what they sound like – part of the bookmark juts out from the book with an entertaining design. Popular examples are animal legs, animal heads, and…dog butts. While creating them simply involves a matter of designing and cutting, these bookmarks have a unique charm of their own.

There are also bookmarks that indicate which line you’re on. An arrow or finger design can be moved across the bookmark itself to point to the said line.

Corner bookmarks are folded in a way where designs like animal heads are fitted into the corner of the page that needs to be marked. While there are corner bookmarks readily available in stores, you can also design and print out a foldable template and make it yourself.

From folded paper that pops out another layer of designs when opened to optical illusions and games printed on cardboard, interactive bookmarks come in many shapes and sizes. Their simple but engaging style can be a good conversation starter. There are no limits to this type of bookmark, and that’s how the new generation likes it.

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